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As a commercial cleaning company we do provide apartment cleaning services in Calgary.

Three North Clean tackles any condo cleaning request that our valued clients have. Although all places will be different, the average rate for house cleaning in Calgary is approximately $35/hour. For condo cleaning, a client of our may expect about 6 hours. The main areas to clean would be the cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, the living room and the bedroom. Green cleaning products are a must for everyone’s home. You can check the list of green cleaning products we recommend that are both safe to use, but also tough enough to clean your home properly. In the kitchen, the priory is cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces, as this is the area you prepare food and meals in. You do not want to have your cleaning company leaving unhealthy and hazardous chemical residue all over them, that will ultimately get on your food, and then inside you. For the living room, its about dusting, organizing, and floor care. This is an area that people spend a lot of time in, so it needs to be clean and tidy. We work from the top up, so that we do not recreate a mess, and we clean efficiently for you, staying within your cleaning budget that you have set out to our company. In the bathroom, the key is to not use the same rags when cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the kitchen. Three North Clean uses different coloured rags, to make sure each area is cleaned with its own rag.



By booking multiple cleaning services from us at once, we can save you time and money. A one time cleaning job is a great start for your apartment, but we strongly recommend ongoing cleaning upkeep, by hiring a company to do a biweekly clean, or a once a month clean. If you want to keep your cleaning costs low, and pitch in some elbow grease yourself, make sue to have the proper easy to purchase cleaning products and supplies 

The focus is to streamline our cleaning operations, to be in and out as efficiently as possible

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Starting top to bottom, Three North Clean will go over the whole apartment in detail to create the best home cleaning game plan for you. Our management team can work to review your cleaning needs, to relieve your stress, and give you back your free time. While the maids are working wonders in your home, you shouls take time for yourself, and do something fun, like get your nails done. We will evaluate what areas need cleaning in your apartment, and what your budget is. From there, we will craft you a custom cleaning plan, with the best apartment cleaners in Calgary. Not only can we coordinate what solutions to send you, but we will coordinate the perfect timing to send them to you, back to back, so that you get a seamless and user friendly clean.

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