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If you are looking for a professional junk removal and spring cleaning company in Calgary, then you can call Three North Clean today and we will do the rest for you.

Spring or fall is here and you need to freshen up the house? Wondering what to do now? There is great fall cleaning tips you can follow,  or you can just hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you. For a great clean, start with junk removal from your house or property.


Scope of Spring Clean and Junk Removal

Three North Clean tackles any cleaning request that our valued clients have. We have a deep breadth of cleaning services that complement each other, helping you reduce your stress.

By booking multiple house cleaning services from us at once, we can save you time and, your hard-earned money.

The focus is to streamline our cleaning operations, to be in and out as efficiently as possible. We come fully prepared for cleaning success, each and every time.

We donate, reuse, and recycle as much from your spring clean as possible, to stay good stewards of the environment.

  • Offer a different kind of spring clean service.
  • Deliver high-quality and consistent junk removal services.
  • Reuse, donate and recycle all that we can.

The number of junk people in Calgary has cluttered up their home is large. Many of our clients just store stuff that is useless to them or become too busy to take away their old furniture, or renovation scrap. Before the house can be properly and efficiently cleaned, it needs to be clutter and junk-free. Our team will show up in a truck, and carefully remove your unwanted goods. All the items will be disposed of properly. That means we will be eco-friendly, recycle what we can at the recycle depot, donate whatever can be used by others, and dispose of the rest properly in the Calgary landfills. It’s critical to dispose of chemicals and other harmful items very properly and carefully. We care about the environment. It’s also important not to damage a client’s house when removing the items from the garage or the house interior. Although we can’t remove any hazardous items like asbestos from your home, we can remove junk like couches ( although if you are only getting rid of them because they are dirty, try hiring an upholstery cleaning company first), beds, tires, drywall, wood, play structures, clothes, papers and much more. The rubbish will come in all shapes and sizes, and lots of it is to remove for regular clients. The junk can be heavy hard to maneuver. If stairs are involved, it could even become dangerous to remove your own junk.

Once the house is clutter-free, income the army of maids. The junk hauled away leaves them a good base foundation to work with and exposes all the areas that need cleaning thoroughly.

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