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Post-Construction / Renovation Cleaning

Post-Construction and Renovation happens...

Post-Construction and Renovation Cleaning Services in Calgary - Available!

We do reconstruction or renovation in our home and offices and it happens with everyone. But post-construction is really a headache and very tough job to accomplish. Not easy for everyone.

Renovated your house? Wondering what to do now?

Three North Clean is your one stop shop for all things house cleaning related. By bundling services, you can reduce your costs and increase cleaning efficiencies, which give you your free time back.


Scope of Renovation Cleaning

Three North Clean tackles any cleaning cleaning Calgary request that our valued clients have.We have a deep breadth of cleaning services that compliment each other, helping you reduce your stress

By booking multiple house cleaning services from us at once, we can save you time and, your hard earned money

The focus is to streamline our cleaning operations, to be in and out as efficiently as possible. We come fully prepared for cleaning success, each and every time

How We Can

Protect Your New Investment

Whether it is a brand new home, or simply just a house updating renovation, we have the experience and tools to finish it off with a polish for you. We have, and use the best cleaning equipment available in Calgary, including, bit not limited to professional vacuums, floor scrubbers, and mobile steam cleaning machines and floor scrubbers.

Our staff is not only well trained, but they are experienced too. They ensure all the renovation dust is removed, and all the corners are clean. Attention to detail is key, and we understand that

Three North Clean can clean at the final stage of your renovation, or, we can come and renovation clean in 3 stages for you. This method ensures a clean and tidy work space for your renovation trades, and construction workers. This means a more efficient project for you

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