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Three North Clean will make sure the best and spotless window cleaning services in Calgary.

Window cleaning services at a reasonable price from a professional cleaning company like Three North Clean makes it easier than ever before. We are committed to a better view through your window with best practices in the industry. Window washing with non-hazardous substances makes your window spotless.

Cleaning window tracks, sliding door, shower tracks

Window, sliding door, and shower door tracks attract an immense amount of dirt, moldy water, dust and other forms of dirt. There are a few easy and eco friendly cleaning ideas for you to tackle this task. Clean tracks will extend the life of your windows, helping you keep your investment longer. its frequently overlooked when cleaning windows and doors, but it is equally as important as cleaning the window and door pane itself.

The first step to cleaning window tracks is loosening the dirt. Before you start with your cleaning products you want to take a flexible stiff bristled brush to loose any dirt you can from the tracks.

Then take your precision head on your vacuum to try and get out any loose dirt in the tracks. Removing as much dirt before the actual cleaning is being done.

After vacuuming, mix a solution of 2 cups of warm water, 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid (or any household soap), and one teaspoon household ammonia. You can also add 2 teaspoons of vinegar into the mixture to clean shower sliding doors. This added ingredient will help get rid of scum and grime from water and soap sitting in the tracks.

Keep your windows and doors sparkling from top to bottom

Use the same stiff-bristled brush from earlier to brush on the paste/mix and scrub using the brush. After his step rinses with warm water to finish off the clean. You can then use a towel or paper towels to dab out the extra water. Cleaning companies will do all these steps for you with a deep clean.

Complete window cleaning service

In the cold winters, watch for ice buildup in the tracks, from snow falling in, every time to go outside. And of course, if you have spare energy and time, you can always clean the window glass too. Complete the clean look with just a few easy steps.


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